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"I enjoyed getting all dressed up in my favorite Lilly pieces that I haven't had a chance to wear in years. I also enjoyed connecting with so many ladies in person that I've only known via social media. Life is so busy-this weekend feels specifically designed for those of us that always seem to be too busy to put yourself first, or you just need a girl’s weekend to get away and play dress up!" S.P.

"The Pink Retreat broke me out of my comfort zone. I have been involved in Rotary for years and was used to mixing and mingling with new faces all the time but with the pandemic, I have been rusty and having a hard time putting myself out there in my community. The Pink Retreat gave me a safe and welcoming environment to walk up to someone I don't know and introduce myself. I felt refreshed and revived after the experience and loved how open everyone was to being vulnerable - sharing personal stories with each other, laughing through our weekend adventures, and creating new connections. " A.B.

"I really felt so uplifted and connected to some of these extraordinary people! I finally got to meet my dear Instagram friend of 7 years! When we bumped into each other at the shop on Worth we both hugged and cried tears of joy! My favorite moment! United in Lilly after all this time!” M.G.

"What a wonderful event! Bringing people together from all over the country to socialize and enjoy the Palm Beach socialite lifestyle that Lilly herself embodied was wonderful! I enjoyed every minute of it- from the well-organized party events, to the time on your own to explore and enjoy Palm Beach Island. The Tea at the Flagler Museum was a highlight along with the Rick Rose Tour. Thank you for bringing us all together! " G.C.

"I have attended two retreats and both have been such wonderful weekends. I have come alone to both but shared a hotel room with someone I didn't know each time. This past retreat I roomed with a girl I had been friends with online for about a decade (from the Lilly groups). We had such a great weekend together! My cheeks hurt from all the smiling I did all weekend! The thing I really love about the retreats is that it almost feels like a trip to Disney (my other happy place)-it is an escape from real life, a place where you can dress up and wear the most outlandish things, not be judged and be surrounded by girls who all love the same things you do! It is amazing to think it all started with just a clothing brand! I have been a Lilly lover for 20 years and I have had so many amazing "Lilly" experiences, but The Pink Retreat has been the best experience yet!”

"I was uncertain about attending myself. In hindsight, it made me more open about meeting people. I know some of the girls I met, will be lifelong friends. That rarely happens these days! Going to up my fashion game for next year! Watch out!" A.H.

"It was a great “staycation” for me, I will definitely do it again!" A.P.

"I’ve been a member of The Pink Retreat Facebook group since it began. I wanted to go to the first event, but was living in upstate NY and the weekend was always difficult as it’s the anniversary of my mother’s passing from her battle with ovarian cancer. A year ago, I moved to the Palm Beach area. At the last minute a local friend and I decided to buy tickets off others, I was so excited my dream of attending The Pink Retreat was coming true! I can’t express in words how much this meant to me after watching it from afar for years. Finally meeting the people you see post in the Lilly groups was amazing! It really was everything I hoped it would be and had so much fun connecting with locals I knew and people traveling from all over and hearing everyone’s stories! The Lilly community has really made me feel like I belong in the crazy world we live in!" K.V.

"This was my first Pink Retreat! I honestly contemplated not attending because I did not know anyone going personally. However, I knew if I didn’t attend, I would look at the pictures afterwards wishing I did. I am so glad I did too!!! I came knowing no one and left with having met tons of new Lilly loving friends.” C.C.

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