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Interested in attending The Pink Retreat 2020? See what others have said about past events.


"So what’s stopping you from signing up for TPR? If it weren’t for this event last year, I wouldn’t have made so many lifelong friends within the Lilly community! I came ALONE and I was BEYOND terrified that I wouldn’t meet anyone! I was late to happy hour because I was having panic attacks that no one would talk to me. Then Brenda Belmore messaged me and we met up at the first event! After meeting her, my mind was at ease and I spoke to almost everyone there!! Yesterday, Brenda and I even met up again for the Palm Beach Boat Show that she was so kind to invite me too."

Also, I met Cristina Weston and Denise M Detzer during the retreat and we did all the activities together! After TPR, Denise and I went to PGA National and had a spa day and painted Lilly inspired paintings with her daughter Mandy Miller

Not long after that, Cristina and I were the first people to walk inside the new Worth Avenue store together and I was the first to have a drink at their bar (iconic)!!!

I’ve made so many friends; way too many to tag to say the least. But if going alone scares you then message me and I will annoy you every day up until the retreat and be the best of friends with you!" -Sam H.

"The Pink Retreat is just the ultimate girls weekend! We come together to celebrate the bonds of sisterhood, and have a hell of a great time doing it! You can look forward to spending the weekend on the beautiful Palm Beach island, and having a blast with your Lilly sisters as you shop, sip, dip (in the pool), and more. What I love most about this weekend is that the love of Lilly can unite us all, no matter our ages or backgrounds. It is so good to have that time as sisters, away from the obligations of our daily lives, to just be with each other; no men or children allowed! =) I have formed friendships that will last a lifetime." -Camille T.

"I was very apprehensive before attending The Pink Retreat— would the women be clique-ish? Would they accept newcomers? Would it be as amazing as it looked? From the moment I got to the airport the Lilly love was all encompassing. I feel like we’ve joined into this amazing sisterhood. Beautiful, strong women of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes bonded over their love of Lilly Pulitzer’s iconic vision and lifestyle. I left with so many new friends and I was so overjoyed to see women uplifting each other. Plus, the events were fabulous and the goodies were just beyond amazing. So glad I attended, and I hope to be back for many more." -HK Beall

"I can't say enough about The Pink Retreat. It was the most fabulous weekend. Every event was fun from cocktail parties to paint night and everything in between. Everyone in Palm Beach was so welcoming and the Worth Avenue Lilly girls were so sweet. Meeting the CEO of Lilly was amazing. I went knowing one person and left with so many new friends from all over that I never would have met without The Pink Retreat. I'm excited to catch up with new friends during my travels. Meeting so many people that understand my love of Lilly was priceless. We are an amazing supportive group of women. My room is already reserved for next year and I'm counting down the days to TPR 2020." -Carrie K.

"The pink retreat is a Lilly lovers dream vacation. You are surrounded by wonderful ladies who understand our love of Lilly. There is incredible shopping and fun activities and amazing giveaways. I was nervous about going but I’m so glad I did." -Linda C.

"I had a fabulous time both years. Being an older Lilly gal, I did not ever feel out of place. Everyone was friendly! It didn’t matter if you were tiny, not tiny, tall, short or if your skin or hair color was purple or green. Exactly what you would expect from Lilly Ladies! My favorite thing was the afternoon tea and the painting class" -Barbara S.

"The Pink Retreat is nothing short of amazing. A perfect all girls weekend free from the kids and men and a sweet escape from everyday life! Not to mention the opportunity to meet and bond with so many beautiful women who share the same love for Lilly. Weather you plan to travel solo or with a group don’t hesitate on attending as you will have no regrets! If you come alone you will meet and and leave with so many new beautiful friends. It actually felt like I knew most of the ladies I met a long time ago. A happy, colorful, fun filled weekend of bonding and creating memories wearing nothing but Lilly Pulitzer the whole time! What more can a Lilly Lover ask for?" -Ashonte L.

"Where do I begin. The 1st year was refreshing and amazing. I finally met other Lilly Loving Ladies and had the time of my life. It was so wonderful to put names to faces and give and get all the Lilly hugs. The second year was a game/life changer. My husband was not able to join me so I had more time to mingle, shop and have meaningful chat with so many amazing women. I literally fell in mad love with these women who also have a love for pink and all things Lilly. The connections I made with Dee(luv to pieces), Shay(complete adoration), Jen,a couple other Michelles, Rachel, Mary, Cindy, Ebony, Rachel,Liz, Renisha, Penny and Calyn is IMMEASURABLE. Each touched my heart in ways I can not describe. Only the trickle of tears from the joy of spending time with them can show how they moved my heart and my spirit. I am grateful to have had the absolute pleasure of attending the Pink Retreats. They made my heart full." -Michelle R.

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